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September 25, 2017
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October 6, 2017

The Importance Of Being Authentic In Your Writing

Writing is an important part of school, college applications, entrance exams, and everyday life. Some people have a natural talent for writing, while others struggle to put their thoughts down on paper. No matter your skill level, you need to be able to write so that people can understand your thoughts and ideas. Writing is what you use to express who you are, what you’ve learned, and how you have synthesized material you have engaged with. An authentic voice, your voice, is your best tool for communicating when you write.



Work Within the Rules

There are certainly grammar and style rules that must be followed while writing. These rules are tools designed to help you communicate, not hinder you. Within these particular rules you can use your own voice. Your thoughts and ideas are the most important subject being communicated. You can use facts, quotes, or anecdotes to support your ideas or your main point, but your main point and the arguments you develop should be uniquely your own.

College Applications

Authenticity is especially important as you apply for college. The essay prompts are often deeply personal and it can be very easy to imagine what admissions officers want to read, rather than what your true experience is. Instead of fabricating answers, use real experience and real personality to convey what makes you unique. Admissions officers really want to know what makes you different and what you would bring to campus. When you use your real, authentic voice to communicate in these application essays, you will attract the attention of the admissions officers.


The best way to find your voice is to practice. Write as often as you can. Try out a variety of topics and styles. Learn from the comments you receive on graded papers. Ask to meet with your teachers to see how you can improve your writing. Developing your voice takes time and work, but the ability to thoroughly communicate your thoughts and ideas to a group of people through writing will be invaluable throughout your life. Writing is emphasized in high school and college because you need it no matter what career you pursue.

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