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Does your child need to improve his or her standardized SAT or ACT test scores?

Are you looking for a master SAT/ACT test tutor in the Northern California Bay area who requires no homework and guarantees results?

I can help. Having worked with high school students for 25 years, I developed a philosophy supported by skills and techniques proven to result in superb SAT Tutoring and ACT test results.
We all move through the world with a self-image that sets what we believe we are capable of. This self-image often under serves our potential because it has been formed by a hodge-podge of experiences, some encouraging and affirming, others anything but. The sense of self is malleable particularly in young people.
I work to expose their doubts and fears as more imagined than real and to convince them that they are much more capable than they realize. This serves the all-important self-image in a very powerful way. It not only results in vastly improved standardized scores but also recalibrates the belief in what’s possible.
As I work with my students, I never lose sight of my real objective. I may be helping them ace their standardized tests, but ultimately I am elevating more than just a score.

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My program is not a traditional “one on one” tutoring situation. I have learned from my more than two decades of experience that there is a better and less painful way to prepare kids for these tests. Over the course of each 2-hour session, students meet with me for three private, one-on-one conferences (totaling about 20 minutes per student, each session),
The value of each 2 hour session is multi-faceted:

  • Self-timed sections in a group environment similar to the actual testing environment
  • Immediate correction of mistakes and tutoring to specific content or errors
  • Test taking strategies given as they arise during test taking, making them more relevant and easier to remember and apply
  • Confidence building with every interaction
  • Session by session readjustment of areas of focus based on observable progress

Investments of time and money vary from student to student. Regardless of ability, students that complete the number of sessions we agree to upfront have a great chance of meeting or surpassing their test prep objectives.

Best results with our online SAT and ACT test prep sessions in Menlo Park, CA

In March 2020, we had to switch our SAT and ACT test prep sessions to an online format and we have seen our best results since. Because of that, test prep classes continue to be offered online, as well. See further down on this page for more information about how our online format works.



SAT prep was always a burden to me. The thought of locking myself in a room for hours upon end plagued me to thoughts of disgust. Going to Mr. Test Prep, however, seemed like a safe haven to me. The environment, the encouragement, and the positive reinforcement was something I actually looked forward to. SAT prep turned into something that I dreaded to a practice that I actually enjoyed. Mr. Test Prep did not just help me improve my SAT score but instilled me with confidence to take the tests and in myself – confidence that will be with me forever. The methodology used by Mr. Test Prep was so helpful to me and many other future students.
Audrey Nguyen
Leland High School 2019
Stanford University 2023

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your time and talent for my kids. My two children were counseled and tutored by Michael and I can say that both benefited from his knowledge and expertise. They are different kids with many different goals, and yet he helped each individually and specifically to achieve their own test goals. One child was intent on being admitted to a pre-med program and the other to a top 10 electrical engineering program. Both achieved the test scores to get them into programs that met their goals–one to Cal’s Molecular Cellular Biology program and the other to the University of Illinois’ Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. I am convinced that the kids’ scores gave them the edge they needed to be considered for these top programs. They both were with Michael for over a year working to attain 99% scores that they did indeed attain through the tutoring. BOTH my daughter and son felt that Michael was personable, professional and knowledgable. He related to them warmly and genuinely helped them during an anxious time of high stakes. He is really amazing at what he does! We highly recommend him for test prep and helping your students attain their college dreams!Thank you Michael!!!”
Michele, George, Colby and Colin


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Score Satisfaction Guarantee – Zoom ACT Coaches Menlo Park, CA

I stand behind the fact that the Mr. Test Prep program can help almost any student achieve the score increase he or she is looking for. I am so confident that I offer my students a score satisfaction guarantee, which allows them to continue to attend Mr. Test Prep, free of charge, if they aren’t fully satisfied with the results.

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SAT/ACT Test Prep Sessions Online – How does it work?


  • Instead of working in a group setting, he or she will work from home. Instead of sitting with me in person, he or she will meet with me online.
  • Sessions will continue to be scheduled the same way at http://www.mrtestprep.acuityscheduling.com
  • Your online SAT/ACT test prep session appointment confirmation notices will have the zoom meeting info.
  • When practice tests are recommended, they will be taken at home and reviewed in our test prep sessions.
  • You will be billed via email.



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Schedule Your Free Trial Session here – Zoom ACT Coaches Menlo Park, CA !

Trial Sessions Online
Our free trial sessions will be conducted online, as well.
For the trial session, we will be connecting via Zoom. The student will need a place to work where he or she will be undisturbed for two hours.
When you register for your free trial session, the Zoom link and instructions will be provided.
I will be in touch within the first 15 minutes of our session.

After The Trial Session
A parent and I will have a follow-up call to discuss my test prep recommendations.
If your trial session is on Saturday, I will call you between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Monday. If your trial session is on Sunday, I will call you between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Tuesday.
Let me know if we need to make other arrangements or if you have any questions.
If you would like to schedule a call to discuss, you can do so by clicking here.

Schedule Your Free Trial Session here – Zoom ACT Coaches Menlo Park, CA !


Mr-Test-Prep-SAT-ACT - FREE TRIAL SESSION - Satisfaction Guarantee


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