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September 30, 2017
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October 11, 2017

Who Can Apply For SAT Scholarships? – San Francisco ACT SAT test prep tutoring

The short answer for who can apply for SAT scholarships is anyone! A variety of scholarships are available and most scholarships use an SAT score as one criteria for earning the scholarship. There is probably a scholarship that fits your qualifications, you just have to get out and look for it.

Variety of Criteria

Many scholarships will indicate a minimum acceptable SAT score, but many others weigh other criteria more heavily when handing out money. If you scored high on the SAT, look for scholarships that give primary consideration to score. If your SAT score isn’t your best strength, look for more specific scholarships, rather than general academic excellence scholarships.

There are scholarships by area of study, institution you plan to attend, gender, school organizations, civic clubs, and more. The more time you spend looking for and applying for scholarships, the more likely you are to be awarded money that will help with your education. Even a few hundred dollars can help with books or room and board.

Fill Out Applications

Make sure you are paying attention to information that is coming home from guidance counselors. Often there is a single application for many of the local scholarships, or information about where to apply and deadlines. Don’t miss out on this easy way to apply for scholarships. When you fill out information for the institution you plan to attend, there is usually a financial packet. Filling out this information puts you in the running for grants and awards offered by your college. Many colleges and universities offer significant scholarships based solely on SAT score and GPA. Don’t overlook this, thinking it only applies to financial aid and loans.


There are also a variety of resources on the internet. Scholarships.com allows you to search for scholarships by specific SAT score. You can also search by a variety of other criteria. FastWeb is another site that allows you to search for scholarships that you qualify for. FastWeb includes many corporate and community group scholarships, in addition to traditional college scholarships.

Don’t Miss Out

If you achieved a decent score on the SAT, there is likely a scholarship available for you. It will take some work on your part to find and apply for scholarships. If you feel lost, don’t be afraid to meet with your guidance counselor for direction. Don’t miss out on free money that can help fund your education.


San Francisco ACT SAT test prep tutoring

Mr. Test Prep has been a part of theSan Francisco SAT Prep community for nearly 20 years. His experience working with students—from math wizzes to numberphobes, from novelists-in-training to kids who hate to read—has shown him that improving test results first requires improving a student’s confidence. To directly address this important facet of SAT prep, his tutoring program exposes students to the conditions of the test, while training them in subject-specific skills and teaching them testing strategies that can make the test much easier.

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