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Online 1-On-1 SAT Test Prep Services – Test Prep Sessions Currently Online Due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Until further notice, test prep sessions are conducted through the online platform Zoom. They are going to last as long as our regular in-person test prep classes and will also cost the same.
Now, the student will work from home, as opposed to studying within a group. And instead of sitting together with me in the same room, the student will meet with me online.
Sessions will continue to be scheduled the same way at http://www.mrtestprep.acuityscheduling.com
The Zoom link and instructions will be included in the scheduled appointment confirmation emails.
When practice tests are recommended, they will be taken from your home and then evaluated in our test prep classes.
You will be billed via e-mail.
This too shall pass hopefully sooner than later. In the meanwhile, be safe and calm amid the chaos.


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Mr. Test Prep changed my life. I recently graduated from Duke University, and I am STILL thinking about how grateful I am to have had private tutoring sessions in high school with Mr. Romano. It’s a fact that my SATs improved by around 350 points after tutoring, and I believe that this drastic improvement is a large part of what helped me get into my dream school. His Skype sessions were informative and effective. He was a great teacher that intimately knew the material, and he adapted his lesson plan to what I needed most to work on while still reinforcing the concepts with which I was comfortable. I was never bored or falling asleep, and I learned many tools to help deal with not only the test but also test-taking. It’s now six years later, and I know that tutoring with Mr. Test Prep was worth it.
Maddie Taylor
Cardinal Gibbons 2013
Duke University 2019

Unfortunately for me, I  am one of those people who do practice tests perfectly but score badly on actual tests. I just get jitters whenever I get to the testing room. Micheal realized this after my diagnostic test and recommended I meditate before taking the SAT or ACT. I was apprehensive during our practice sessions but I diligently practiced meditation at home. Finally, when it got to testing day I was unusually calm. Never beforehand was I that tranquil before taking a test, normally my heart pounds, my hands get sweaty, and I can’t think. On that day I felt as if everything was a walk in the park, everything came to me and nothing felt rushed. In the end, I was able to score a 35 on the ACT stress-free. What also helped my nervousness was Michael testing room. It was a perfect place to practice the SAT and ACT: full of students, quiet, and distraction free. It allowed me to simulate how it would feel like in a testing center without the hassle of going to one. In all, without Michael I probably wouldn’t have gotten the score that I got.
Alex Novoselsky
San Mateo High School 2020



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Score Satisfaction Guarantee – Online 1-On-1 SAT Test Prep Services

I stand behind the fact that the Mr. Test Prep program can help almost any student improve their scores to the level he or she is aiming for. I am so confident that I provide my students with a score satisfaction guarantee, which enables them to continue to attend Mr. Test Prep, free of charge, if they aren’t completely happy with the final results.

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Test Prep Classes Currently Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Until further notice, we are conducting all our free trial sessions and test prep sessions online.
For the trial session, we will be meeting via the online platform Zoom.
Each student will need a place to work where he or she will remain undisturbed for two hours.
Once you book a free trial session, all the information needed to access the Zoom meeting will be included in your confirmation notification.
I am going to be present for the first 15 minutes of our session.

Next Step After The Trial Session
After the trial session, I will connect with a parent and will discuss my test prep recommendations.
If the trial session takes place on Saturday, I will call you between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Monday. And if the trial session takes place on Sunday, I am going to contact you between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Tuesday.|If the trial session takes place on a Saturday, I am going to call the parent between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Monday. In case your trial session takes place on Sunday, I am going to call the parent between 6 pm and 8 pm on the following Tuesday.
In the event you have to make other arrangements or have any questions or concerns, make sure to let me know.
If needed, you are able to schedule a phone call by clicking this link.

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