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2018’s Best SAT And ACT Apps For Students

When you use your phone to text, play games, or hang out on social media, it can hurt your test prep. However, your phone can give you a huge boost when it comes to test prep. All you need are the right apps. With the right test prep apps learning can be fun, and you can squeeze it into any moment of your day because your phone is always with you.

ACT Online

This online test prep course is put together by the people who administer the ACT. It includes practice tests, as well as topic specific prep sessions. It can be accessed online with a login and includes a mobile app. The only downside to this online test prep program is that it costs $39.95. This is an investment, but it makes test prep accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection, or a smart phone.  


This app offers practice sessions, practice exams, fun vocabulary games, and progress tracking. The app itself is free, but there are in-app purchases and to take advantage of the whole app ; you will probably invest some in the app. This app is ideal because you can monitor your progress and track how practice sessions are helping you achieve your goals.

Daily Practice App

The Daily Practice App is created by the College Board, the administrators of the SAT. It makes SAT prep a simple habit by sending you a practice question every day. The app doesn’t overwhelm and keeps test prep to a few minutes a day.  Because it is developed by the people who make the test, you are sure to practice questions that reflect what is actually on the test. Another advantage to this app is that it is entirely free.

A Robust Study Plan

Find an app that is easy to use and will encourage you to spend time on your test prep. If you love games, look for math games or word games. While they are not always SAT or ACT specific, they do stimulate your problem solving skills and give you the critical thinking practice you need to perform well. Apps offered by the test creators are also ideal, because they will help you practice relevant questions. Remember that apps should just be one component of your test prep. You should have a robust plan that includes timed pencil and paper practice exams, as well as in-depth study of trouble spots. Time spent preparing for the exam will give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals score.


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